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Whole Egg (Pasteurized)​

Eggs are a very good source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. But the full health benefits of eggs can only be realized if stored properly and cooked thoroughly or pasteurized.

Egg Yolk (Pasteurized)​

Pasteurization is a process of killing harmful bacteria by heating to 140 F to just kill the bacteria but it won't cook, making pasteurization eggs safe to use in any recipe that needs partially cooked or uncooked eggs.

Egg White (Pasteurized)

Pasteurized liquid egg whites are identical to egg whites in the shell, they are a low-calorie, fat-free food, Egg whites are only 17 calories, they do not have carbohydrates nor sugar.

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By you and with you, we are achieving development in the future of industry of pasteurized eggs (healthy eggs) and we are honored to work with all food factories, food services establishments, restaurants chains, hospitals, and university student hostels.
Healthy eggs are always fresh!!


Who We Are

We are an International Company with European Technology on Egyptian land specialized in the manufacture and processing of pasteurized egg products. IEPPCO is one of our group of companies and factories that existed from more than 20 years, specialized in…[Read More]

IEPCCO applies the latest quality standards and food safety. The company applies the rules of good manufacturing practices (GMP), requirements for total quality management (TCEM) quality management system (ISO 9001) and HACCP food safety specification (ISO 2200)….[Read More]

The development of food industries by introducing pasteurized eggs free of pathogens to achieve better health for the consumer through the introduction of European technology in this industry.

Competing for the best egg product equipped and pasteurized in Egypt and the Middle East and developing the industry and its derivatives and providing them with international quality.

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