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Types and forms of pasteurized eggs (Healthy Egg): Vitamins, Minerals, Healthy Food
Types and forms of pasteurized eggs (Healthy Egg)

We provide customers with a wide variety and multiple forms of sterilized containers, safe, hygienic, and conforming to the standards of quality of food for all food industry factories which use eggs, mainly in the components of its various products on the different forms of egg components (egg yolk – whole egg).

Pasteurized eggs are divided into two main forms: refrigerated and frozen
Packed in different sizes:

(1 liter / 5 liter / 10 liter / 20 liter / ... To tons) and available as desired by the customers.

Whole Pasteurized Eggs Pasteurized Egg Yolk Pasteurized Egg Whites
Sizes and Weights Frozen Refrigerated Frozen Refrigerated Frozen Refrigerated
5 Kg 1 Kg 13 Kg 20 Kg 5 Kg 1 Kg
10 Kg 14 Kg 14 Kg 10 Kg
20 Kg 20 Kg